Four Tech Skills You Need To Make a Career Change and Succeed During COVID-19

Four Tech Skills You Need To Make a Career Change and Succeed During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic forced many organizations to freeze their operations. Consequently, several workers lost their jobs, and the need for tech skills increased. Facing unemployment became a struggle because many workers didn’t have the skills that employers were looking for. Several jobless workers decided to make a career change to increase their job opportunities. 

In 2020, many people are willing to do anything they can to stay relevant. If you are looking to stay in the competition and succeed, here are some tech skills that will help you achieve your goal. These skills are a must for career changers and will allow you to have better job opportunities. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning has become a must-have for meeting employers’ demands. It’s an emerging technology that’s changing the way we live. Several companies, like Google and Netflix, have invested huge amounts of money in machine learning to improve their products and provide more personalized services. 

For example, Google’s Gmail uses machine learning algorithms to provide suggestions while users are typing to help them compose an email within seconds. It can also understand what’s written on a received email and provide pretty accurate answers to help users give quick responses. On the other hand, Netflix uses machine learning to analyze users’ behavior and provide more personalized experiences. The Netflix app can provide recommendations based on previously watched content and enhance the user experience. 

In 2020, machine learning has allowed companies to increase their productivity and implement better techniques. For that reason, the demand for tech professionals like software engineers and data scientists has increased. Data scientists are responsible for creating insights that allow organizations to increase profits. Software engineers are responsible for creating sophisticated solutions to improve companies’ processes and meet customers’ demands.

According to Glassdoor, a software engineer can earn $92.000 per year on average in the US. A data scientist can earn, on average, $113.000, which makes becoming a data scientist a great option to overcome unemployment. If you start a career in data science, you’ll change your lifestyle and improve your well-being.

A great way to become acquainted with this technology is by attending a vocational school or coding bootcamp. No matter where you live, there is bound to be a few schools where you can pick up this incredibly valuable skill, so start searching!


Because of the pandemic, customers now spend more time online and prefer to make online purchases. So, if you’re looking to make a career change and attract employers’ attention, you have to learn JavaScript. JavaScript is a must-have tool for web developers. It’s a great programming language for front end and back end development. By using JavaScript frameworks, web developers can build sites in less time and make them more interactive.

Nowadays, full stack developers are essential for companies. In that case, you can start your new career as a full stack engineer by simply learning JavaScript. Companies are providing skilled candidates with six-figure salaries, and even exceptional perks like paid parental leave and paid vacations. Also, by learning JavaScript, you can become a remote worker. As you don’t need to be in a specific place to accomplish your tasks, you can help organizations increase their productivity.

Just like with machine learning, you don’t need to attend a college or university to learn JavaScript. There are hundreds of trade schools and coding bootcamps in the country where you can take in-person or online classes to master this language as well as other skills related to web development. In addition, there are a ton of resources on the Internet to learn JavaScript. We recommend starting a course at Udemy or Pluralsight. You can even learn free of charge using Youtube videos. Why not start today?

Mobile Development

Mobile apps are helping companies increase customer satisfaction. After the coronavirus outbreak, the demand for sophisticated apps increased, and companies are looking for candidates with mobile development skills. Learning how to build mobile apps is an excellent option to make a career change. After all, it will help you to get the job of your dreams. Android and Apple’s iOS own more than 95% of the market. So, whether you become an Android or an iOS developer, you will have what you need to meet employers’ requirements.

Learning mobile development skills can be accomplished relatively fast and inexpensively at a coding bootcamp. As with the skills mentioned above, there are many bootcamps where you can learn mobile development, but we recommend General Assembly. This school will equip you with the right tools and knowledge to build fantastic apps by learning from experts in the field. Students learn the best possible way: by creating apps, building a portfolio, and accumulating experience.


Day after day, data is becoming more valuable, and companies need candidates with cybersecurity skills. Learning cybersecurity will help you to make a career change and thrive during the pandemic. It has become a must-have to get hired and provide you with better job opportunities. Cybersecurity experts have to deal with rapidly-advancing threats in their daily work life. And to keep companies’ data safe, they have to search for vulnerabilities in software and hardware.

Becoming a cybersecurity specialist requires a lot of tenacity. However, I can assure you that all your efforts will be rewarded. To kickstart your cybersecurity career, we recommend enrolling in Flatiron School’s coding bootcamps. The company has designed a fantastic cybersecurity course that allows students to develop their skills by setting traps and catching hackers. Flatiron School’s top-notch curriculum provides students with the analytical skills they need to become a must for any company. 


Making a career change is an excellent way to move forward during the pandemic. The road can be tough, but if you learn these tech skills, you’ll be able to overcome unemployment and thrive. Also, learning these skills will help you to be ready for future challenges. As a result, employers won’t hesitate to hire you, and you’ll be on the right path for actual career fulfillment. 

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