Bollywood’s first gay rom-com is going viral amid discrimination, violence

Bollywood's first gay rom-com is going viral amid discrimination, violence

Ayushmann Khurrana is an absolute gem in Indian cinema. He has been the poster-boy of path-breaking movies ever since his debut. In his very first film, he played the role of a sperm-donor. The subject of the movie was new and could have been controversial, considering the Indian audience. The film fared well, and Ayushmann made taboo-breaking films his comfort zone. In the coming years, he played roles like a man in his 20s whose parents become pregnant at an odd age and a man who has turned bald at a young age. However, his most daring role is in ‘Shubh Mangal Jyada Savdhaan,’ a romantic comedy revolving around a gay couple. The film is a light take on a gay couple’s life with Orthodox parents and is gaining quick popularity.

What is Shubhmangal Jyada Savdhaan about?

As mentioned above, it is the story of an Orthodox family and a gay couple. Aman Tripathi is an individual involved in the advertising industry. He comes from a big and Orthodox family. His father, Shankar Tripathi, is an agricultural scientist and a conservative individual. He is so conservative that he pukes at the sight of his son kissing a man in the movie. Aman’s family also has his housemaker mother, whose only concern is her son, uncle Chaman and aunt Champa, and their daughter Rajni.

Aman loves his colleague and friend, Kartik Singh. However, as mentioned above, he is caught kissing Kartik by his father. Ashamed by the fact that his son is gay, Shankar tries to convince him to give up on Kartik and arranges his marriage with another woman. The story that follows is interesting to watch on the big screen.

The cast of the movie and their performance

Ayushmann Khurrana is excellent in his role as Kartik Singh, Aman’s gay love interest. Ayushmann has excelled at the craft of playing roles that are generally considered taboo. He perfectly portrays the gay partner who is hell-bent on convincing his lover’s parents. Aman Tripathi has been beautifully played by everybody’s beloved ‘Jeetu Bhaiyya,’ or Jitendra Kumar. Interestingly enough, this is Jitendra’s debut Bollywood movie. However, he has previously worked in many famous TV series’ like TVF Kota Factory and TVF Pitchers. He has successfully managed to play a confused but passionate lover who dreams of living a life with the love of his life yet is somewhat conscious about his choices. Kumar has excellently portrayed the pressure of convincing his Orthodox parents. Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao portray Sunaina Tripathy and Shankar Tripathi. They now can safely be called the best on-screen middle-class, middle-aged couple living an ordinary life. The direction, screenplay, dialogues, and cinematography is on point.

The current scenario in India about the LGBTQ+ community

Recently, in a welcome move, India’s Supreme court abolished Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that considered some forms of sex as ‘unnatural’ and hence illegal. A long fight was put up in the court for this step to be taken. The LGBTQ+ community, as well as the common people, celebrated this decision by the court. A lot of people are being educated about trans people and their community. Although there is a lot of awareness to be brought about, it is a good sign that some positive work has been started.


The movie, along with bringing success in entertaining the audience, also presents before us the reality and problems of trans people and spreading awareness. Movies like this will play an important positive role in bringing awareness about different sexualities in society.


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