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How to watch movies on google drive

How to watch movies on Google Drive?

Google Drive has become an eminent part of our lives now. Everyone uses Google Drive now and then. It is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It has several features like file or data storage, It integrates easily with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other cloud-native apps to provide real-time work. There...

Superhero movies to watch on Netflix

Superhero movies to watch on Netflix

Superheroes are an integral part of our Popular Culture and Popular literature. We have been reading about them since time immemorial. It used to come in the form of comic books and strips. But later, the culture grew, and we started to find them in the form of movies, the superhero movies. You can almost...

Legal Online Movie Streaming Alternatives to Indoxxi For Free

Legal online movie streaming alternatives to Indoxxi for free

In today’s age, people have found a good way to pass their time through OTT platforms. Binge-watching has become the new way to get through the day. With so many OTT platforms available, there are times when people visit a foreign country and are left stranded. A foreign land with unknown people leaves them with...

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Ten Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time

When we talk about movies, we instantly think of the best protagonists. If you think about it, what makes a hero – A HERO? The movie villains make a hero great, but the villain is more appealing as it is on the villain to bring out the best in a hero. In this article, we will...

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Charan Bangaram: An Interview With Indian Gay Porn Star

India does not have a proper porn industry as such. However, Indian porn has a lot of watchers from India as well as the world. Indians are shy when it comes to topics like sex, sexuality, and sexual needs. However, these urges are natural, cannot be suppressed, and need to be vented out. Indians resort...

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Do you know why movies release on Friday in India?

Bollywood has given us iconic dialogues, the best characters, and beautiful stories. But it is not easy to make a Bollywood movie. Along with actors and crew, the finances also matter. With very little budget, the movies might turn out to be good or bad, depending on the audience’s response. After spending lakhs or crores...

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Bollywood movies echoing Indian History

The History of India is a rich and interesting topic. The freedom struggle, British rule, and the Mughal invasions. All these were part of Indian History. But some may say that they are aware of the facts they heard. Some may even learn from what was taught in schools. But you know the best source...