Do you know why movies release on Friday in India?

Do you know why movies release on Friday in India?

Bollywood has given us iconic dialogues, the best characters, and beautiful stories. But it is not easy to make a Bollywood movie. Along with actors and crew, the finances also matter.

With very little budget, the movies might turn out to be good or bad, depending on the audience’s response. After spending lakhs or crores on making a Bollywood film, the baton is passed on to the theatres. That is, the film has to be watched by people and that way the producers can earn back their money.

If you live in India, you must be aware that movies are released only on a Friday.

So why is this specific day chosen for the film release?

Origin of this movie release tradition in India

With the Cinema growing widely in the West, even the Indian Cinema was raising its standards. Remember the famous Hollywood film, ‘Gone With The Wind’? It was released on a Friday, and it became successful.

In India, the Friday release date was more of a superstition. The historical drama film ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ was released on a Friday, and it became a hit. It is not because of the date, but the content of the film that led to its success.

But during those days, anything that brought fortune was considered to be lucky. This good luck charm led to filmmakers in believing that Friday release is the best.

Since then, the tradition of releasing movies on a Friday became a habit. But is that the only reason for the Friday release factor?

The day of fortune: Pleasing the Goddess of Wealth.

Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth in the Hindu tradition. Along with the good luck charm, the day of wealth gave the film producers another reason for setting Friday as the release date.

No matter how non-superstitious you are, believing in luck and fortune always exists. People believe in the wealth factor, and producers have earned a lot. So the traditional values are also the reason why Friday is the chosen date.

Not just Hindus, but all religions consider Friday as the fortunate day. Even the coconut breaking tradition is considered good luck. It is done by producers on the first day of the shoot, called the mahurat shot. Yes, you guessed it right. It is done mostly on a Friday.

Getting a long weekend and payday factor

Many people came to watch Bollywood films in the olden days when they would get their salary. This is in the case of smaller industries and daily wage workers. Watching a movie was a luxury, and it still is!

The weekend that is Saturday and Sunday are vacations for many offices and schools. People came with their families to watch their favorite Cinema. The next day they can rest or do some other work.

Watching films was an entertainment source, since buying a television set was not so convenient those days. Colour television was quite rare, so Bollywood films were a treat!

Friday can save a lot of money!

Did you know that days other than Friday are costly to the producers? In simple words, the producers have to pay a lot more to the theatres to show their films on days other than Friday. So the producers saved a lot of money in theatrical releases by releasing on Fridays.

It was a smart financial strategy that helped them get some profit even after a box office failure. The box office is the overall money that filmmakers earn from theatres.

Concluding the Friday Release topic

Friday is chosen as the release date due to many factors. There are mainly financial aspects attached to it. Both the filmmakers and the viewers consider Friday as a convenient day.

The weekend factor is also quite reasonable and advantageous to the audience. A good movie can be of high or low budget; the success depends on the promotions and movie content quality. The ‘first-day first show’ concept applies mostly on a Friday!


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