Legal Online Movie Streaming Alternatives to Indoxxi For Free

Legal online movie streaming alternatives to Indoxxi for free

In today’s age, people have found a good way to pass their time through OTT platforms. Binge-watching has become the new way to get through the day. With so many OTT platforms available, there are times when people visit a foreign country and are left stranded. A foreign land with unknown people leaves them with only watching movies while sitting at home. Some people don’t wish to pay for online platforms like Netflix or Amazon, which leaves them with no site to binge-watch their favorite movie or show in a foreign country.

While there are people who visit Indonesia, there are times when there are hardly any English channels to watch. This leaves people with streaming movies and shows online and binge-watching some good ones. But some sites are illegal, yet, very famous in Indonesia. Indonesia based ‘Indoxxi groups’ controls a large number of piracy websites which are used globally. Indoxxi is ranked within the top 100 most popular websites in Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore. Indoxxi groups are very famous in Indonesia and other parts of the country. It is the biggest piracy websites which are running illegally. Indonesia was also asked to put down Indoxxi as it is illegal and supplies content illegally. Even though they serve only movies and shows, Indoxxi pirated the movies’ content, which copyrights. This created copyright issues for Indoxxi. 

According to data, Indoxxi is ranked 179th in the most used websites. This is because it provides free content, and people don’t want to spend money on other legal OTT platforms, hence, making Indoxxi famous. But people don’t realize that streaming movies or shows from an illegal site can harm the companies that create the content originally and lead to their PC being infected with malware.

People can also go to jail for illegal streaming, and the penalties are huge. But why use something generated illegally like Indoxxi when there are several websites, which is an alternative to Indoxxi?

People who have been traveling to Indonesia need not worry about being alone and not watching anything in English now, as there are many sites where the films Indonesia streaming full movie for the people and can stream online movies and never get bored.


Cinemaperak21 is a website for streaming movies online for free. It is a site of Indonesia and an alternative to Indoxxi. This site has all sorts of genres and movies related to it. People can watch their preferred movie in HD quality for free. The site has movies in different languages, including English, Hindi, Korean, and Indonesian movies.

There are several pros and cons to this website


  • There are several pages on this site like ‘Latest movies,’ ‘Most popular movies,’ ‘Ratings’ and ‘Genre.’ This gives a vast variety of content and many options to choose from.
  • In case of any confusion or any problem, the details about the page are mentioned under their respective headings (privacy policy, cookie policy, terms, and conditions)
  • It provides movies which are IMDb top-ranked for free.


  • The site sometimes bothers people with unnecessary ads that interrupt while watching online movies.
  • The site is not secured, so the input of any personal information is dangerous.
  • The site takes no guarantee for any hacking.
Watch Online Movies at Cinemaperak21 For Free
Watch latest movies at Cinemaperak21 for Free


Bioskopmantap is another alternative for Indoxxi movies, where one can stream movies, shows according to their mood. This site is ranked among the top sites for streaming movies as it has a wide variety—the site number of movies in all the languages (English, Hindi, Korean, Indonesian). The site is also streaming anime (an animated show originated in Japan) for many anime lovers! The website has a tab called ‘famous’ where it shows the movies that many users watch and has the most rating on their website.

There are several pros and cons one needs to remember while browsing this website.


  • The site doesn’t bother users with unnecessary advertisements and lets the user enjoy the viewing content.
  • There is a tab called ‘Requests’ on the site where you can send a request to Bioskopmantap for whatever movie you wish to watch and cannot find.
  • They have segregated movies from top rankings to the lowest, making it easier for one to find the best movie to watch.


  • The site is not secured; hence, the input of any information is not safe. The site sometimes crashes continuously.
Watch Online Movies at Bioskopmantap
Latest movies at Cinemaperak21 available for Free


Another alternative to Indoxxi, another online platform for streaming movies, Garudaxxi is an Indonesian movie platform where one can search for movies and watch them for free. The movies here are in HD so that one can watch good quality content. There are movies available in different languages to keep a wide variety of content for users.

Remember the pros and cons of using the website.


  • The site has only two pages, ‘Latest movies’ and ‘movie genre,’ making it easier to decide what to watch within less time.
  • The quality of the movies is available in HD to Blu-Ray levels, which makes the content better.
  • The site gets updated regularly, so the recent movies keep on getting added.


  • There are certain movies which are shown available but don’t play.
  • The data is not as safe as the site is not secured.
  • No guarantee is taken for any hacking of the information.
Watch Online Movies at Garudaxxi website
Another great place to watch movies online is Garudaxxi service


Cinemakarenxxi is a website for streaming movies online for free. This site lets the user filter movies according to the best ratings, famous movies, and preferred genre. This is a website for streaming anime too. The animated show has a good number of viewers, and people can watch it on Cinemakarenxxi. This website also provides TV serials and various genre dramas.

There are a few pros and cons to this website. Do consider them before using the website.


  • This site is available all over the world and is available for all users globally.
  • Takes requests according to whatever content you want to watch.
  • Serves HD quality content to the users.


  • The site is not secured and doesn’t make a guarantee of hacking.
  • Sometimes, the requests made are not processed.
  • Few movies don’t work without downloading. This can be dangerous for your system.
Free Online Movies at Bioskopmantap
Watch Free Online Movies at Bioskopmantap without ads


Instead of watching Indoxxi movies, it is better to stream movies online on Bioskopmantap21. This site lets you stream movies, shows according to your convenience. It has movies in different languages, so you can choose whatever movie suits your mood! There are also anime shows available for free as the viewership of this animated show is huge.

Every website has its pros and cons. This website too, and they are mentioned below.


  • The site doesn’t bother users with unnecessary advertisements and lets the user enjoy the viewing content.
  • There is a tab called ‘Requests’ on the site where you can send a request to Bioskopmantap21 for whatever movie you wish to watch and cannot find.
  • They have segregated movies from top rankings to the lowest, making it easier for one to find the best movie to watch.


  • The site is not secured hence, the input of any information is not safe.
  • The site sometimes crashes continuously.
  • There are a few movies that do not work unless and until you download it. Downloading can be dangerous as the site is not secured.
Free Online Movies at Bioskopmantap21
Check the latest movies at Bioskopmantap21. The site is free to watch


There are a lot of websites that one can stream to watch movies and shows. Many people travel around need a source of entertainment – to binge-watch movies or shows, enjoy dramas while sitting on your sofa. Like Netflix or Amazon are the major OTT platforms used globally, several other sites are available not only for the people in Indonesia but also for the people worldwide for free! There is no need to sit and watch movies on illegal websites like Indoxxi, which only harms the companies who make content with so much hard work. All the websites mentioned above have content according to your taste, and whichever movie you like, you can just sit back and enjoy.

Many sites have films Indonesia streaming full movie for people who want to watch good online movies. Some sites also have so many popular TV shows and Indonesia movies according to their choices and taste. Why browse an illegal website like Indoxxi and watch Indoxxi movies when the internet is filled with websites that provide you free content? It is better to watch content that is safe and doesn’t harm your system. Some people also work day and night to create the content (movies and shows) for everyone to watch. Being a responsible one, everyone must say no to the pirated content. The wait for some new movie or some new series has another excitement. So, sit back and enjoy your favorite movie or TV show!


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